Free above €250
with In-Post (3-4 days)
€6.99 SDA (2-4 days)
€8.99 SDA Express (2 days)
* Cumulative weight may vary shipping rates.


Free above €250
SDA "arrives" Without haste
€14.99 SDA (2-3 weeks)
* Cumulative weight may vary shipping rates.


Free and a coffee together!
for products available on site!



Statue di grosse dimensioni e pesanti richiedono una spedizione su bancale o spedizione speciale.


I prezzi di queste spedizioni variano tra i 90€ ed i 200€.


Prima di acquistare contattateci per sapere il costo preciso, non pagherete le spese al check-out ma verrete ricontattati per definirle e pagarle a parte.

Are you wondering why so many types of shipments?

I'll explain it to you!
As a collector, I have discovered over time that I have needs that go beyond pure purchasing. How often do you, like me, get frustrated with action figure sites? You can't quite understand how to order, once at checkout you don't understand how to pay.
For me this was fundamental, because when I buy I'm not just buying an action figure, I'm increasing my well-being, my satisfaction. In my site I wanted something more (which is why you are reading these lines).
What does this have to do with shipping?
Nothing, you might say.
But no!
Precisely because of this desire of mine to do more for collectors, I did some research and discovered something: from my supplier, there are warehouse funds that I can access at very discounted prices!
I also thought " I can't just spend it XD " and so I created a totally automated system for you that gives you access to this underwater world in real time.
Where is this warehouse located? In Germany , and that's why there are various price ranges.
I ask you something difficult for us collectors, waiting.
But what will this be compared to the knowledge that you have taken home a piece at half or more its price??


What does SDA shipping "without rush" mean?

Well a fair question! This type of shipping is added to a much larger order of products (so you don't have priority but you also pay half for a product), this is especially useful on products with a strong discount , you don't have to rush if the order is confirmed from us, it will arrive, remember that you cannot ask for a refund if you don't like the wait :)

Usually it doesn't go beyond 4 weeks, but it can happen that it takes something more, sometimes we collectors wait months for a pre-order, what will it be :)

Do products from Europe respect the delivery date?

Most of the time yes, it depends on the type of shipping you choose, the €7.99 one makes sure that your order is placed in a larger order and will "arrive", so if you are not in a hurry for a statue, I recommend a hot toy and more! However, if you are in a hurry, the €14.99 one gives you priority and your item will be shipped directly from Germany, will arrive to us (quality control) and will be sent back immediately with SDA! We do not take responsibility for delays caused by the supplier or courier!

The products available immediately from Italy, how do I recognize them?

We have made the site easy and intuitive ( click here ), once you open a product you will find all the information you need, products in Italy have this wording in the information " Item in stock, shipping within 24 hours."
They are all accessible from the "AVAILABLE" category of the site.

What if I change my mind?

Products arriving from Europe cannot be refunded , or rather, they must be paid for then they are shipped to you and once they arrive, if you want to return the shipments you will be responsible for it and the item once returned to us (closed and in perfect condition) will be refunded.
You cannot ask for a refund for long waiting times (which do not depend on us), once you purchase you know what you are doing and many times unjustified refunds damage us sellers!
For orders AVAILABLE IN 24H you have 7 days to cancel the order if it has not yet been shipped and you will be refunded, if the product has been shipped, you will have to send it back to us in perfect condition at your expense.
For pre-orders you have 7 days to cancel the 20% confirmation deposit, after 7 days the deposit will be retained for compensation purposes.

What if I want to add a product to an order already placed?

It may happen that while waiting for an action figure you see things on our site that interest you, in this specific case we have two ways to go, contact us and we will provide you with a voucher for free shipping (so we insert it with the other product ), or contact us on Whatsapp , tell us your order number, pay for the product directly via Paypal, Satispay or bank transfer without going through the site check-out and we do the rest!

Where do I see the order status?

Once the order is sent, you will receive a notification via email and the courier tracking number.

If you want to know in advance what stage it is at, you can contact us on Whatsapp, by email or via social media, always giving us your order number . There is also chat on the site and we will reply as soon as possible :)

Will tracking always be there?

Of course, the tracking number will be sent as soon as the package is shipped!