Our mission

Yet another e-commerce of action figures? No.

By purchasing from us, you will support a project that has never existed in Italy, giving voice to Italian collectors and artists. Don't believe it?

In the meantime we have started !


Mom buy it for me is a community born on Youtube in 2020.

Two friends , a lockdown and a lot of "free" time: this is where our story starts from.

As with many protagonists of this page (watch the interviews on Youtube), the lockdown was the beginning of everything.

At home, not being able to see each other but hearing from each other to talk about the latest releases, watching, sometimes out of boredom, the pages and videos of action figures. And so we started buying things (randomly sometimes!) and I admit, even bootleg action figures. We commented on each other's purchases and so we thought: why not share our opinions, even if we were new to collecting ?

And without thinking too much, here is the Mom channel, buy it for me !

We started making videos and perhaps precisely because we were "amateurs", we gave sincere and " comic " opinions, something different than the usual technical videos that could be found around!

The community began to grow, and so the first collaborations with brands arrived (including DeAgostini and many others), and other external collaborators joined this project.

After almost a year , the first precious collaboration with a shop that believed in us arrived: it was a great satisfaction, I admit it! We received a lot of products to show our niche, and many of the videos that came out in that period are the result of this first contact.

But after more than a year, unfortunately for me, Samuele, this formula no longer worked: we didn't always have the "right" action figures available to make videos, collaborating was very nice, but we needed something else.

A beautiful thing to tell about that period?

At this stage, followers have started sending their action figures for us to open to support the channel! And not only.

More and more people started asking me for help finding toys, statues and collectibles, or which sites to buy them from, because maybe they didn't know them or didn't know where to buy the figures. I then started helping them and often buying things for them and then sending them to them. After a few months, many people said to me " But why don't you open your own e-commerce ?" and I started thinking: “ Actually…why not ?!” although honestly it was my idea from the beginning, but I didn't know how and when!

So, in 2022, I decided to purchase the mammamelocompri.com domain where you have landed now. So, in a certain sense, the opening of e-commerce is also thanks to you!

I briefly told you where we started from, but what have we done in the last year and what are we now?

Perhaps because in life I am a director and I have always wanted to tell stories, perhaps because I love this world, I felt that talking only about "objects" was no longer for me, it was too little. I wanted the channel to be something more, that the community could feel even more intrigued and connected not only to me, but also to the stories of the collectors I have met since we opened the channel.

So, in January 2023, I opened an e-commerce to be able to independently finance a project that is very close to my heart: going to "find out" Italian artists and collectors, to share their stories and pieces of their lives, to create a sense of union that is often not always easy to find in this niche (and trust me, it's really worth seeing and listening to them!). Thanks to this I discovered that those who watched the documentaries on the channel found themselves in the words and world of these protagonists.

This was very satisfying for me, also because, to stay on topic, I like collecting stories .

But something else happened too!

Mom buy it for me has been invited to trade fairs as a guest and content creator (Belgioso Comics&games, the super hero festival, the Milan comics festival).

In March 2023 I was invited by Cosmic Group SRL to their showroom and there was talk of a new collaboration which became reality in January 2024 by creating photographic sets and contents for Infinite Statue !

In May 2023 we become brand ambassadors of Beast Kingdom.

The surprises are not over, but to stay updated, follow us on social media!

In all of this you may be wondering: " Why buy from this site ?". True, it could be one of many. There's only one difference.

By purchasing on this site you are financing the production and dissemination of the documentaries you find on the channel, of the stories of many collectors. And there are still many to know and share.

I don't know about you, but it looks beautiful to me!

If you've made it this far, it means that I've intrigued you, and I'm happy about that!

Thanks for your time.

Did you think it was over?

These are the end credits of the Marvel movies ;)

Now I'll tell you about my robotic partner Mr. Toy Tonic .

The story of Mr.Toy Tonic

As you know, on this site I don't just want to sell action figures, but to bring you a bit of backstory, to introduce you to who is in my world.

And since I love telling stories, how could I not tell that of my partner, of my trusty adventure companion, of the tireless worker who searches for my supplier's products and uploads them to the site for you?

I'm talking about him, Mr Toy Tonic. Here is his story.

One summer evening, like many others, I was taking some old computer parts to the landfill.

As I tossed the last one into the scrap heap, my eyes landed on a metallic figure. Two things immediately struck me: one, it was an old robot, apparently abandoned and forgotten, and two, its look: half-extinguished, sad.

I approached and saw a faint light in his dull eyes. One thing I knew: I couldn't leave him there. I decided to take the robot home and give it a second chance.

I began to examine it carefully. Despite its neglected appearance, its programming core was still intact. After working on it for a few days, when I didn't think I could fix it, BAM it lights up: its eyes started to shine again, and the robot started to activate.

While I was watching him, he suddenly raised his mechanical arm and, pointing behind me, exclaimed “TOY!” in a metallic voice. I turned to see what he was pointing at and saw my action figures. I could not believe. "As you said?!" “TOY”. Yes, he was actually saying “toys”. “It could be your name… what do you think? MR TOY? Do you like it?". He lit up and started saying “TOY, TOY, TOY!” he seemed to like it. “You're pretty lively, huh? Do you know what? Mr Toy TONIC suits you best”. He agreed too.

The following days I set about understanding how to make it work and giving it a good cleaning: it was in really bad shape. I was also very curious to understand why it had been abandoned, what its history was, where it came from. On the second day, I was satisfied. While I was cleaning a part of the internal circuit, a beam of light went off and a hologram, like a projector, was activated. Had I perhaps touched his memory system? I don't know, the fact is that some images started to appear. At first I didn't understand: there were children playing in a room. Then I saw that they were wearing aprons and that at the end of one wall there was a teacher. A kindergarten, I thought. The subsequent images were much clearer: here comes the teacher with a bag full of toys and here I glimpse Toy Tonic. New, shiny, with all the parts in place. The sequence continues like a film, the children play and have fun with Mr Toy and other toys. Then there are fewer and fewer children, until you see the teacher, with a tear on her face, locking the door to the room, leaving the toys there. It seems that time passes, because dust and dirty glass begin to appear, even the toys seem worn by time. Until, in the last images, we see someone starting to throw the toys into a black bag. I already know what will happen to that bag. The images end and I turn towards Mr Toy Tonic: he looks a little sad and dull again, like when I found him in the landfill "Don't worry friend" I tell him "now you're no longer there, I'll keep you here with myself".

I started carrying him around the house, showing him my collection, since that was the first thing he noticed when I turned it on, and he seemed to be intrigued. Every day he watched me pack up the action figures and I often saw him looking at my Detolf with bright eyes. So I had an idea: maybe I could have a helper in my site adventure. I showed him photos of my supplier's products and he was enthusiastic: I understood that he liked this world at least as much as I did, if not more.

However, there was a small problem: his motherboard was a bit old, and needed to be updated. So one evening, while we were looking at the new releases, I asked him: “Mr Toy Tonic, how would you like to have a programming teacher? So you could help me with the site, see photos of the action figures every day, always be updated on news... what do you think, would you like it?"

He looked at me with his big bright eyes and started moving all over, exclaiming in his little metallic voice “YES YES YES!”.

And so he did. After several searches in the depths of the internet, I found the right person for this task: Professor Giuseppe. In just a few weeks Mr Toy Tonic learned everything there was to know about programming, and that's how he became my right-hand man, the most enthusiastic partner I've ever had.

Sure, it has some flaws, every now and then it uploads photos of the figures upside down or from behind, but it only happens when you program late. I try to tell him to get some rest, but he's so enthusiastic about what he does that he just can't stop.

Who would have thought that I would find my partner in a landfill? And he himself gave me a great idea: don't always throw away everything even if it's not perfect, recycle and give a second life to things as much as possible. This is why in our packages you find recycled paper from other boxes and very little plastic, only when strictly necessary. So, if products arrive in a box from a space heater purchased on Amazon, don't worry, everything is normal 

Mr Toy Tonic is very sensitive to this topic!

Here, this is his story  I hope you liked it and it can be an inspiration... everyone can learn new things, you just need to find what excites you ;)